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A continuous process of interaction between the historian an his facts an unending dialogue between the present and the past for a better future.

“Studying History for a better future”

If you are looking for a course that offers not only as opportunity to have a peek into the past but also see how it shapes the present, the  Department of History, Mahila College, Khagaul is just right for you.

The three year course in history is an excellent preparation for getting into popular career routes such as teaching, research, politics, law, business, social care, arts and museum curator ship  .

Jobs directly related to degree includes:

  1. Archivist
  2. Civil service administrator
  3. Heritage Manager
  4. Information manager and Records manager
  5. Academic librarian
  6. Trade union research officers.

Jobs where your degree would be useful includes:

  1. Barrister
  2. Broadcast/Magazine/ Newspaper Journalist
  3. Solicitor
  4. Primary and Secondary teacher

if one decides to pursue higher studies , you can complete master’s and then go for M.Phil and Ph.D or Post Doctoral degree. The scope here is also immense. The career options here are:

  1. In education field, you can become a Teacher, Lecturer or a Professor
  2. Researcher
  3. Archaeologist
  4. Historian
  5. Museum and Galleries require professionals with knowledge of history


   Dr. Arun Kumar (M.A, Ph. D)
   Arun Kumar
   Assistant Professor